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About Commercial Building Association

Commercial Building Association

Who We Are

The Commercial Building Association was born out of a recognized need in the commercial building industry. With years of hands-on experience working with manufacturing partners on building and property maintenance work, our team identified a significant gap in resources available to commercial property managers. There was no single source for comprehensive knowledge and tools to best maintain commercial properties - until now.

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Our Mission

Our mission at the Commercial Building Association is to become the ground-truth source for all commercial building property maintenance knowledge. We aspire to provide not only the insights and strategies needed for effective property maintenance but also the means to access the resources necessary to do so. We strive to empower property managers, guide them through the complexities of the industry, and support them in achieving optimal building health and efficiency.

Why We Care

Our passion lies in the intricate details of the commercial building industry. With our extensive understanding of the ins and outs of building maintenance, we saw a clear opportunity to create an organization that could serve as a beacon of knowledge and expertise for property managers. We believe that proper education and support can drive significant improvements in property management practices, and we're here to lead that change.

Our Expertise

With industry experts at the helm, the Commercial Building Association leverages its deep connections with manufacturing partners to provide accurate and reliable information. We offer tailored reports, cutting-edge webinars, and a suite of tools that cater to the specific needs of commercial property managers. Our commitment to authenticity and accuracy makes us a trustworthy and invaluable resource in the field.

The Journey Ahead

Our vision for the future is clear: to be the definitive source of information for commercial building property maintenance. We're constantly evolving, expanding our offerings, and adapting to the latest trends and needs within the industry. The Commercial Building Association is more than just an organization; it's a movement towards better property management practices, and we invite you to be part of it.

 the journey ahead

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